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About Brus

We are a tight-knit team who wants to put client relationships first in Customer Success. We want to shape and accelerate how CS teams build lasting relationships. We obsess about building great product, we train AI models and develop algorithms, and we spend time with our customers every day.

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The story behind Brus

For the past decade, every business has focused on collecting more and more client usage data. But usage data doesn't renew subscriptions or expand use cases. Customer Success teams are chasing to keep churn low and now many CS teams are also asked to drive expansion revenue.

We want to help Customer Success teams put relationships first with their clients.

Our technology platform fills the missing gap for Customer Success between your CRM and product usage data. The potential is immense as we unlock access to critical information for every client.

For us, relationships that matter.

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Repeat founder with decades of experience

Put relationships to work for your CS team today