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About Brus

We are a tight-knit team of technologists and entrepreneurs who believes that AI is fundamentally transforming B2B sales. We want to shape and accelerate that journey. We obsess about building great product, we train AI models and develop algorithms, and we spend time with our customers every day.

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The story behind Brus

For the past decade, every business has focused on collecting more and more data in the cloud. But we only every utilize a fraction of that information. It is simply too hard and cumbersome to organize, manage, and label.  

Sales is no different. CRMs are flooded with data, but most of it is just raw email exchanges, endless notes, and call transcripts. We ask reps to spend hours every week to enter customer data into fields and drop-downs. At best, the result is a bunch of activity dashboards and data hygiene reports. It is painful for everyone.

With the advent of generative AI and large language models, we believe that for the first time in history we can make use of all the data in the CRM. The potential is immense as we unlock access to critical sales and business information in minutes.

While we plan on starting with data from sales teams, we envision a future in which Brus AI workers analyze and understand any piece of business data.

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