Which deals should your team have won in 2023?

Brus connects to your CRM and trains a custom AI model with your sales performance data, specifically using the communications from your customers.

We determine which high probability deals your team wasn't able to close and build out a personalized winnable deals report just for your organization.

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Pipeline Allocation

Who makes the most of their winnable pipeline?

By comparing the value of the 'winnable deals' your team  lost to how much they actually closed, Brus provides a new view on your team's performance.

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The reps who close, but at a cost of winnable deals

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They close their winnable deals. Is it time to give them more pipeline?

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Find the Coachable Deals

Know which prospects were ready to buy

Get a list of prospects that show buying intent right now and you will never look at your pipeline the same way again.

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Focus on the prospects that really matter

Zero in on the high-confidence deals

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