Address win rates and deal velocity in your sales team

There are three truths in sales:
1. Rep activity does not equate to winning deals
2. You lose the majority of your early pipeline deals
3. Your biggest competitor is "no change"

That's why our clients use AI workers to score buying intent in prospect conversations.

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REP Performance

How do your reps generate buying intent with prospects?

We measure how good your reps are at generating buying intent with prospects, so that you can have the right reps in your team working the right deals

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Pipeline coverage

Get an early indicator for reps with weak pipelines

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Build a winning team

Coach reps on how to generate buying intent

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Prospect Intent

Know which prospects are ready to buy

Get a list of prospects that show buying intent right now and you will never look at your pipeline the same way again.

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Focus on the prospects that really matter

Start your day with an actionable list

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See when prospects are getting ready to buy

Learn what actions prospects are taking

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RED Flags

Don't wait until it is too late

With early warning, it is much easier to turn things around and change the outcome.

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Prospects going stale

Know which prospects are no longer active

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Declining intent

Get alerted to prospects that are losing interest

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